Who can use Almost Home?
Family or caregivers of children receiving medical treatment in the Kingston area may stay at Almost Home

Inside Almost Home?

Almost Home has eleven guest rooms. Each of the rooms is different, and range in size from small one-parent rooms to large rooms that can accommodate an entire family. We do our best to match rooms to the needs of each family

Children do not have to be admitted to hospital.
Children who are receiving outpatient care or who have clinic appointments also qualify.

You do not need a room in order to use Almost Home. Families are welcome to drop by during the day to shower, do laundry, or just to have a coffee and a cookie and relax in the kitchen.

You do not have to be far away to use Almost Home.
When we are full, priority for rooms is given to those who would otherwise have the hardest time making travel or alternative accommodation arrangements.

You do not need a referral to stay at Almost Home.

You do not need a reservation to stay at Almost Home.
Many families arrive in Kingston unexpectedly due to an accident or medical emergency. We do our best to accommodate such emergency requests when we have rooms available. Please, when you know in advance, reservations do help us provide the best service!

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